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School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer (S.R.O.) is an educator, law enforcer and counselor.  As an educator, the S.R.O. visits classrooms and teaches students concepts of safety, traffic laws, general law, and crime prevention techniques.

The S.R.O. works closely with individual teachers to create special programs tailored to specific units of study.  These presentations help increase student awareness and understanding of laws and personal safety.  As a uniformed police officer, the S.R.O. provides a positive image of law enforcement in an effort to help young people make constructive choices in their lives.

The primary duty of the S.R.O. is to protect the school's safe environment and to maintain an atmosphere where students, teachers and staff feel safe so that learning can be the main priority.  The S.R.O. investigates criminal activity occurring on school campuses.

Although not a disciplinarian, the S.R.O. conducts investigations with school administrators in accordance with Alabama State Law, school district policy, and the policy of the Escambia County Sheriff's Office.  The S.R.O. only takes action when a violation of law has occurred.