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Drug Task Force

The main objectives of the Drug Task Force are the investigation of individuals and organizations involved in narcotics' trafficking, the seizure of assets acquired through narcotics' trafficking, and the promotion of coordinated narcotics' enforcement efforts among various law enforcement agencies within the county.

The Escambia County Drug Task Force will use every legal means available to search out and eliminate drug trafficking within Escambia County.  Where evidence is found to point to drugs emanating from another jurisdiction, the Drug Task Force will make every effort to work with other agencies from that jurisdiction to eradicate the flow of illegal drugs into Escambia County.

The officers who comprise the work force of the Drug Task Force will take a proactive approach to policing, using the concept of a totally integrated team effort by all officers.  All agencies within Escambia County will receive enthusiastic support and assistance from the Drug Task Force in their efforts to effectively control and eradicate the social problem of narcotics' trafficking and use.

The Drug Task Force would not be effective without help provided by the community.  If you have any information regarding narcotics' activity, call the Drug Task Force at 251-809-2154 or send an anonymous tip.