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History of the Sheriff's Office

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If you have any biographical information about and/or photographs of our previous sheriffs,  please contact us.


Escambia County, Alabama Sheriffs

2019--Heath Jackson 1911--J. W. Raley
2003--Grover Smith 1907--G. K. Fountain
1983--Timothy A. Hawsey 1903--J. W. Raley
1959--G. S. Byrne, Jr. 1895--James McMillan
1955--Otis R. Emmons 1892--Edward S. McMillan
1951--James Luther Mills 1886--James McMillan
1947--F. F. Fountain 1880--James N. Green
1943--John R. Roby 1877--John A. Hetten
1939--Otis R. Emmons 1873--M. McMilcar
1935--J. R. Roby 1873--T. E. Wallie
1931--G. S. Byrne 1872--E. A. Maloy
1927--A. H. Brown 1871--D. N. Tippins
1923--G. K. Fountain 1871--U. C. Johnson
1919--R. A. Strong 1871--Edmond B. Brewton
1915--J. T. Kelly 1869--Wiley B. Franklin