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We have learned that two ECSO phone numbers published in the phone directory contain errors.  The prefixes for these two numbers are incorrect.

Following are the correct phone numbers.

1.  Main Office--809-0741

2.  Brewton Office--867-0304

These phone numbers will be corrected in the next publication of the phone directory.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these errors.

Additionally, the phone number 809-0848, which is found in the phone directory under Escambia County Sheriff's Office, does not work.  It will be deleted in the phone directory's next publication.

We can be reached via email through this website.  These emails are monitored 24/7 and remain confidential. Click on Contact Us at the top right-hand corner of this web page to access our email.

We appreciate your input so that we can keep our ECSO website and information accurate.